Engaged and philanthropic leader


Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is a Franco-Tunisian engineer and businessman. He laid the groundwork for the creation of Portube, an underground irrigation system. A major player in power engineering, he chairs several companies both in France and abroad. He is known for his mediation skills and his commitment to protecting both the environment and interfaith dialogue. Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is currently the president of CNIM Saudi and Middle East.




  • Founder of AMIS, a mechanical engineering firm 
  • Creator of Portube, an innovative underground irrigation system
  • Mole and Tunnel Boring Machine Manufacturing – OFFSHORE material


  • President of CNIM Saudi and CNIM Middle East, a subsidiary of CNIM France
Activist and philanthropist

Activist and philanthropist

  • Works hard for world peace, especially in Libya, often meeting with heads of state.


Franco-Tunisian businessman Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is an important link between Eastern and Western culture. A prominent figure in the energy industry, he chairs several companies both in France and abroad. He is the CEO of CNIM Saudi and CNIM Middle East, he created an innovative irrigation system, the Portube, and he is committed to fighting against desertification.

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi’s Childhood and Early Career

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is a Franco-Tunisian businessman from Gabès, a city in southern Tunisia. Born on December 22, 1951, he was raised in a Tunisian military family. His grandfather was a non-commissioned officer for the French army during World War I, and his father was a commander.

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi pursued his studies in the Navy in the Brittany town of Saint-Malo where he was a lieutenant. He then continued his studies in Lille where he graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs (College of Engineering).

In 1977, he worked in Pas de Calais, for an oil and marine works company: ISEE. The group specialized in laying pipelines, barges and ties. He subsequently bought the company before founding AMIS (Artois Maintenance Industries Services).

ISEE and AMIS both gained international renown within the oil business and for the construction of moles and tunnel boring machines. Notably, this equipment made it possible to drill metro tunnels in Caracas and Lille.

Over time, these companies have expanded their activity to the Gulf, particularly in Saudi Arabia. As a result of these companies, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is becoming more widely known as the inventor of an innovative underground irrigation system: the Portube.

The device is capable of making a football field in 6 weeks rather than 3 months. This major innovation has been recognized with the LANVAR award.

A key partner for the CNIM Group

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is the president of CNIM Saudi and CNIM Middle East. He is also an advisor for CNIM France, a French equipment manufacturer and industrial designer founded in 1856. This international group is active in the environmental, advanced technologies, defense and energy sectors. Basing its development on technological innovation, CNIM is at the core of many international projects (in 23 countries) in waste and water treatment, energy, defense and health.

These projects include 230 turnkey energy recovery centers, a revolutionary cardiac regeneration therapy for use following a severe myocardial infarction and many more innovative research projects. Employing more than 3,000 people worldwide, CNIM is now listed on Euronext Paris. With a stable and involved majority ownership, the company continues to grow and develop.

A man with many responsibilities

The businessman also presides over several other companies including:

• Sadeg Promotion Ltd., real estate developer and builder.
• AES Ltd. (Aquatreatments Energies Services), a company specializing in water treatment and desalination.
• Objectif Pertinence Ltd., a railway consulting, assistance and studies company.
• SNCFIME, a company responsible for creating, executing and managing projects and contracts related to railway activity in Saudi Arabia.
• Razin Contracting Saudi Arabia.
• Ferrara Ltd., a holding company, specialized in international trade, which obtained authorization to exploit a 120 hectare quarry in Morocco.

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is a member of the Defense Foundation for Quality of Life. The fight against increasing desertification in Africa and the Middle East is one of the groups many objectives. Through his invention, the Portube, he also participates in Saudi Arabian agricultural development.

He has been awarded many prizes and honors:

  • 1989: Recognized by the Quality of Life Foundation at the University of Ghent (Brussels).
  • 2009: Honorary doctorate from Suez Canal University
  • 2012: Honored by the city of Huntington Beach, California for his investments and future projects
  • Concerned by Tunisian politics, he oversaw the Tunisian Movement for Freedom and Dignity.
  • Honored by the Kingdom of Bahrain
  •  2017: honored by 40 Libyan tribes for his assistance in their fight for peace