Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi in 10 major events


Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi has distinguished himself throughout his career. Review of 10 goals and key points that marked his career.


1. Starting an industry-oriented career

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi joined ISEE (Nord Pas de Calais), a company specialized in oil and marine works. Three years later, he bought it and created his first company, AMIS (Artois Maintenance Industries Services). This latter company is focused on mechanical engineering and, in particular, on the construction of tunnel boring machines and moles. These two companies launched the successful career of an international entrepreneur.


2. Two flagship innovations: Sportvert and Portube

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is best represented by his many innovative creations. He invented Sportvert, a machine capable of making a football stadium twice as fast as with traditional methods, and Portube, an underground irrigation system that can save a considerable amount of water. He went on to create a company of the same name and to further develop and commercialize this groundbreaking system. The Portube was recognized with the LANVAR award.


3. Winning over the Saudi Arabian market

That year, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi and his family moved to Saudi Arabia. There, he developed many international projects and entered the tightly closed circle of global decision makers. A highly skilled negotiator recognized by his peers, he was responsible for a strategic contract with the SAFEGE company: more than 15 billion dollars for the water distribution and sanitation in the Mecca region.


4. Developing multiple companies

Following the success of his various initiatives, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi multiplied his business involvement in Tunisia, France and Saudi Arabia. Among these businesses: SADEG, Objective Relevance, Razin Contracting or Aquatraitements Energies Services. These companies work in various fields, including real estate, public works, oil and energy.


5. Earning symbolic honors and awards

In 1988, Prince Saud Bin Abdul Mohsen, Governor of Jeddah, awarded Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi the Medal of Merit. A year later, the entrepreneur was also recognized by the Quality of Life Foundation at the University of Ghent (Brussels), an organization which campaigns against desertification in the Middle East and Africa.


6. Strategic partnership with the CNIM Group

CNIM is an industrial equipment manufacturer with more than 3,000 employees. Very involved in the group’s development, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is advisor to the chairman of the board, Nicolas Dmitrieff. In addition, he is the president of CNIM Saudi and CNIM Middle East.


7. Establishing a partnership with ONAS

This year, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi began a partnership with the Tunisian National Office of Sanitation (ONAS). The objective of this partnership is to develop environmental projects and projects pertaining to sanitation services through the constitution of a joint company, ONAS International.


8. Founding the Tunisian Movement for Freedom and Dignity

Very involved in Tunisian politics, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi founded his own political party, the Tunisian Movement for Freedom and Dignity. He intends to use this platform to defend the economic and social interests of his country.


9. Acquiring Al Janoubiya TV

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is also involved in his home country’s media. He bought the private channel Al Janoubia. He plans to use this platform to spread messages of interfaith peace.

2016 - 2017

10. Fighting for peace

Fights for interfaith reconciliation, peace in Libya and environmental protection.